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40 Thoughts I Had While Watching Maroon 5's "Animals" Music Video

This video brought me to a dark place...a dark, delicious place.

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1. Welp, she looks like she's walking into The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so I am in.

2. Why is Adam Levine gingerly rubbing a meat cleaver over that slab of meat?

3. Half beard, hair net and hot glasses. That's an odd look. I'm simultaneously turned off and intrigued.

4. That half beard is creeping down his neck and I am not sure what to do about it.

5. Oh he's stalking her. Animals. I get it.


6. I would 110% stalk her as well.

7. So he is a really enthusiastic photographer. Everyone relax.

8. So he's in a meat freezer with giant dead animal carcasses hanging from the ceiling....he takes his part-time deli-guy job really seriously.

9. He has a meat hook now.

10. It's getting really serial killerish in here and I don't hate it.

11. He is literally crawling up the walls and punching meat. I can't.


16. It's raining and I just peaked out my window on the off chance that Adam Levine is outside singing to me in it.

17. He's not.

18. He legit looks like a psychopath.

19. I want to hate this.

20. Of course she sleeps in a thong and cami

21. On silk sheets.

22. Can she tell that there is a man standing over her bed and taking pictures?

23. Girl, come on. Biology makes you aware that this dude is there... #science


24. He's pointing at me but I'm sure he means that hot blonde he seems to be infatuated with....

25. I can't pretend that "meat locker Adam Levine" isn't my favorite Adam Levine.

26. He just creeped on her at da club.

27. This is why I don't go to da club.

28. Fun Fact: Maroon 5's guitarist's sister is on Project Runway.

29. She just threw some shade at Adam.

30. He just tried to buy you a drink!

31. He also has a room full of photos of you and watches you sleep...

32. I want him to get the girl.

33. I am rooting for you, psychotic Adam!

34. I think he got her?

35. What's happening.


36. Well they are naked, wrapped around eachother and blood just poured from the sky upon them.

37. That's hot.

38. Oh, he didn't get her. He was just fantasizing about all the bloody love.

39. Show her the video of you in the meat locker and she will be yours, Adam.

40. That was really delightful.

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