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    • alainabernadinek

      This is beautiful, but I know what a controversial topic this is… especially seeing and reading about people’s negative reactions to the noise. As someone with severe migraines and tinnitus, I can appreciate the reaction of some people to how horrible and painful the buzzing and loud noises can be. For me, sometimes I wish I couldn’t hear as even using ear plugs won’t help in those situations since it is coming from things in your ear and brain not functioning as they are meant to. The pain from the noise can be so bad I just curl up into a ball and cry. Just constant electrical noise in my brain, horribly amplified whenever someone runs a power tool even a yard or two away from me or I’m near something producing a lot of electricity. I can’t obviously imagine what it is like to go from never hearing to hearing something loud, but how people who never heard before suddenly have constant electronic buzzing I could definitely appreciate their reaction as being scared and want to have it removed. I know it is different for everyone, and things are controversial. I still remember when I first heard about a cochlear implant (via James and Kassie DePaiva’s journey with their son) and thought it sounded both amazing and horrifying. Since that time, I’ve never met someone that I knew had the implant - however I did meet someone whose doctors now say if they had the implant as a child he would have developed at the same rate as his twin sister who had no issues (for some reason no one had realized he was deaf until he was already almost ten years old - they just thought he was incapable of paying attention to anything or developing speech properly and was severely depressed). He now wears extremely large specialized hearing aids which have brought his grades and development up to speed and is no longer depressed. Meanwhile, my fiance had major ear damage and surgeries repeatedly from the time he was a baby until he was 26 years old. He now had to wear a hearing aid (a smaller one), only his own tinnitus is so much worse from the damage that he has to remove the hearing aid often to get away from the amplified electrical/robotic noises. He still has severe electrical and buzzing noise without it, but sometimes it makes it worse (even though other times it makes it almost completely better). The advances our medical society are astounding. Everything is a personal choice for each family and what is best for them. There are pros and cons to everything. If I knew I could have something that would take away all the noise and pain in my head I don’t know if I’d do it, for fear of what might happen to make them or something else worse - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t right for anyone. The only thing I can equate this for myself in regards of a controversial procedure is that as a child doctors wanted my parents to have me undergo that thing where they break your legs and then stretch them out to make you taller since I stopped growing when I was 9 years old. That would have been a year of pain for maybe a few more inches in height. Then I’ve seen others who have benefited greatly from it. But still glad I didn’t do it, just won’t knock the others who had it done. Is this procedure perfect? No. Is any procedure perfect? No. Medication can eat away at your stomach, artificial disc implants can click incessantly and drive you batty, artificial limbs can help you but not the phantom pain you still have, organ transplants still come with much medication and chance for it not to work…  If your doctor has talked about this or any other procedure with you they are probably outweighing all the risks with the benefits and decided it is worth it. If you feel they are misleading you or forcing you into anything - YOU PROBABLY DO NOT HAVE A GOOD DOCTOR. Some doctors are great until they get to a surgery or a medication and then bam it is all or nothing. The good ones try to have you NOT have surgery or take medication, and only suggest it when necessary. Thankfully the internet gives one the ability to research things now, and the ability to travel more easily (or even pre-consult with doctors over the internet) in this day and age makes it easier to reach hospitals and doctors you otherwise would not have access to. The internet and social media even offer a tool for people via crowdfunding to get them there when they can’t otherwise do it. It is just sad the internet is also a place for people to continue to fight over whether or not someone said this absolutely works for this group but not this. The people that shun others for having a procedure or not having a procedure.  I guess in short.. no one needs to judge each other for or for not choosing to do something like this. Obviously it works for some and not for others… but we’re all humans in this together and all the flack between sides of this issue really need to stop so we can all step back and look at the bigger picture. Support each other, regardless of the decision. We all just have to remember that.

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