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    • Alaedran

      Thank you for this article.Ibelieve that people sometimes forget that age is notafactor in the ability to commit atrocities such as this. In my opinionIthink that mental health care is not prioritized highly enough andIwonder that with better care and understanding of mental health issues if incidents like these would be lessened. Guns areaphysical means to cause death but there has to beamental reason for them to be employed.
      Iwas in fifth grade in social studies class at Westside on the day of the shooting andIremember the confusion and questions of what was happening when other teachers came into the class room and teachers asking for towels and being asked what was going on. By the time we were let out of the classes the police and ambulances were on site and my parents where there to pick up me and my sister who was in the seventh grade. My classmates andIwere lucky to not be in the middle school because it would not be until the next year that the fifth grade was moved to the middle school. Remembering these events are hard on the people that were involved but history needs to be remembered to inform the future. AgainIbelieve that for the people that commit these crimes that mental issues are at the core of the problem and that it is an issue that needs as much and more attention than gun control laws.

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