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12 Hosting Tips Every Twentysomething Should Know By Now

Ready to be the hostess with the MOSTess? Make sure to really own your soiree, and add some character with Aladdin mason jars.

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1. Be sure to have a signature drink on hand.


Glam it UP with a crazy straw or piece of fresh fruit and make it seasonal!

2. A groovetastic party playlist is CLUTCH!

3. Have your friends take their shoes off.


Unless you don't mind cleaning for days and days and days.

4. Tasty food trumps fancy food.


You'll always win over your guests with unique and delicious options.

5. Light something that smells nice.


To cover up any unwanted stenches creepin' out from under the sink.

6. Have games ready to be played in the living room.


You're never too old for Taboo or Apples to Apples.

7. Be prepared for someone to break something.


Sooooooo hide those expensive china teacups Grandma Shirley gifted you for Christmas last year.

8. There's no such thing as too much wine.

Words that Karen lives by.

9. Know your audience!


If you're mixing friend groups, make sure to introduce everyone to each other so that there's not any awkwardness.

10. Options will make everyone happy.


Healthy treats for your granola friends and sweet treats for the kids at heart. Maybe even a gluten-free option for Sarah.

11. Always have a stain remover readily available.

First Wives Club / Courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Via

Just in case Diane "spills" pinot on Gilbert's polo.

12. Capture the moment.


Make sure someone's snappin' shots to make it a night to remember!