Signs You Were A Teen Babysitter

All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me!

1. You’ve already made one of these and have them hanging around the neighborhood.

Red Cross certification. Crucial.

2. It’s Saturday and you are not going to be a “Mother’s Helper” tonight!

Babysitting while the mom is home the entire time? Nope, thanks though.

3. Oh, no. That awkward moment when Emily is having a tantrum because her parents are leaving.

“We’ll be fine! We are going to have such a great time!”

aka “Why didn’t you just sneak out while we were playing legos?!?!”

4. Opened the pantry to find this. The Johnson’s FTW!

“Kids it’s time for bed!”

5. Never mind, the Cheetos are unopened and there is only one more package of Gushers left in the box.

Unwritten babysitting rule.
You. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

6. Ava doesn’t want to play your game suggestion. Typical.

We’ve played hide and seek for two hours and I have been eyeing Pretty Pretty Princess since I stepped in the door.

7. It’s time for “hair salon” and that is always the best.

Getting paid to have someone play with your hair. I’ll take two, please.

8. Time to break out the threats. Not your best moment but the fake phone call to mom works like a charm.

I have my phone out. I’m dialing. Oh, you are ready to behave now?

Too easy.

9. Wait, it’s quiet? The kids are getting along!


Cuteness overload.

10. You’re not proud of your bribery, but it’s completely necessary.

Fine, you can have another cookie if you go to bed RIGHT after.

11. 9pm. You are bored but there is a problem.

What the hell are you supposed to do with all of these?

12. On cue 20 minutes later the kids are back downstairs because they “needed water.”

COME ON! I was just getting into Say Yes To The Dress.

13. Is that the keys in the door you hear? Put your phone away, change the channel to something educational and sit up in an abnormally straight position.

Totally natural. Nailed it.

14. Time for the awkward car ride home with the dad!

Can’t wait to get my license…

15. Just got paid and it’s time to hit the mall!

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