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Delhi Is A Gas Chamber – The Health Hazards Of Rising Pollution Levels

Delhi is under siege - covered in a blanket of thick haze with black smokes on the horizons. The visibility levels are under 200 meters and the city is witnessing extremely severe levels of air pollution. Air quality has turned toxic; pollution levels have already breached the permissible standards by multiple times. It’s literally choking on toxic air as the average Air Quality Index (AQI) is already way above the bearable levels. A public health emergency in declared on the city and authorities have strictly advised residents against venturing outdoors. After all, pollutants in the air are turning out to a great risk by the each passing day and toxicity in the air is on the up. These descriptions are not from any dark, dystopian piece of cinema or novel - it’s rather a reality that has hit us hard. The nature’s fury has struck and that too, with a bang. But it’s for bad choices we made. Quite clearly, Delhi is a GAS CHAMBER now and resembles a city under threat! Until the winds blow, it will remain covered with black smog. The sky is nowhere to be visible and many find it a really tough time to be in the capital city!

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The smog of Delhi and its causes

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Smog is all over Delhi. The mixture of smoke and fog has caused the city immense harm. It’s a serious level of air pollution containing sulphur, nitrogen oxides, ozone and small particulates. The air is filled with five key pollutant levels, including PM2.5, SO2, NO2, CO and O3.

Major causes of the smog include -

Crop burning from adjoining states and cities

Perennial road dust due to construction works going on perpetually

Lit garbage with people burning trash and garbage rather than disposing them off in a cleaner manner

Bursting of firecrackers during Diwali

Every day vehicular pollution

Industrial pollution

Stagnant winds not allowing the pollutants and dust particles to escape the atmosphere

Health risks of the smog

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The ongoing Delhi smog comes with some really serious health repercussions to different organs of the body. Health experts have already warned people against going out as the toxic air can be really harmful.

Here are some of major health risks of the smog -

Breathing in too much smog can be dangerous

It will cause negative effects on the lungs

Incessant coughing

Throat or chest irritation

The pollutants can irritate the respiratory system

Asthma symptoms will worsen further

Asthma attacks can be triggered

Difficulty in breathing

Chances of lung damage

Inhaling deeply can be impacted

Can cause emphysema and chronic bronchitis

Eye irritation

Lowered resistance to lung infections

Safety measures from the smog

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Not all is lost from the dangerously high levels of air pollutants. People can still keep safe by taking precautionary measures suggested by doctors and health experts. A few simple steps will be enough to at least minimize the risks associated with the prevalent smog.

Here are some of those measures to take to protect yourself -

First of all, be informed about the air quality in your area

Use air purifiers while indoors

Wear a respiratory mask while outdoors

Avoid going outdoors and if not possible, cut back on the duration

Keep children indoors as they are more at risks

Wait and check for ozone levels to come down before going outside

Don’t indulge in vigorous activities as they can enhance the chances of respiratory problems

If possible, contribute towards the betterment of situation by vowing not to add to the air pollution

Take right steps like, stop using cars or other vehicles and prefer public transport

Encourage others to conserve energy

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