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    15 Minimalistic Jewellery Pieces Perfect For Both A WFH Meeting Or A Date

    Make that style statement!

    1. This multi-layer charm bracelet will make you feel dainty and delicate - ₹285

    A multilayer  charm bracelet on someone's wrist.

    2. This leaf-shaped oxidised ring that's minimalistic and also upgrades your jewellery game - ₹1,399

    A Women wearing a leaf-shaped oxidised ring.

    3. A gold-plated enamel pendant and earrings set to add a modish and fancy look to your ensemble - ₹399

    Enamel and gold-plated colourful pendant and earrings.

    4. These adorable galaxy jewel hair clips that look elegant and will give your outfit an oomph - ₹369

    7 galaxy jewel hairclips.

    5. These contemporary brass and crystal drop earrings that will make a statement for your WFH meeting - ₹208

    A pair of brass and crystal drop earrings.

    6. Or, these simple pearl earrings that say so much with such little flair - ₹570

    A woman wearing a pearl earring.

    7. This gorgeous blue crystal heart necklace that will give your outfit a mystical and ethereal aura - ₹349

    A woman wearing a heart shaped blue pendant.

    8. Or, this mini glow in the dark moon pendant for those who thrive on a darker aesthetic. It also makes for a great gift - ₹149

    A woman wearing a moon pendant necklace.

    9. An elegant crystal bracelet that will make you feel special on any occasion - ₹208

    A women wearing a silver and crystal bracelet.

    10. These geometric black and gold earrings that are diverse enough to go with any work outfit and will give you an air of elegance - ₹275

    A pair of black and gold earrings.

    11. This sterling silver anklet that will be the centre of attention because of all the compliments from your peers or bae - ₹575

    A sterling silver anklet on a woman's ankle.

    12. This stunning oxidised silver cuff bracelet that will let your quirky personality show through your accessories - ₹245

    An oxidised cuff bracelet with an intricate floral design.

    13. A pair of rose gold-plated studs that we're already vying to possess - ₹284

    A pair of rose gold studs with roman numerals on the edges and black in the middle.

    14. An adjustable gold metal waistband that will give your boring 'ole work dress the pizazz it needs to stand out - ₹399

    A women wearing a black dress and a gold waist belt.

    15. This black ring with a man-made opal within that will look so pretty on your fingers that you wouldn't want to remove it anytime soon - ₹299

    A black opal ring on a hand holding a mug.