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    18 Made In India Products That Are Too Pretty For Words

    I'm already adding everything to the cart! 😍

    1. This antique decorative brass gramophone showpiece which so pretty, that it sings its own praise - ₹305

    A brass gramophone showpiece with a wooden base and brass crank

    2. For those who adore the vintage vibe, this wooden folding stand is perfect to keep small indoor plants or decorative showpieces to liven up your living room - ₹370

    A wooden foldable stand with 3 racks holding flower vases

    3. This gorgeous king-sized bedsheet that's made of 100% cotton and adds so much more colour and character to a room - ₹379

    A colourful bed sheet with images of a man and woman dressed in traditional wear

    4. This printed copper water bottle that's so pretty it'll make you want to have more water, just by looking at it - ₹493

    A printed copper water bottle with artistic prints

    5. This adorable brass wine holder in the shape of a cycle that can become its own decor piece - ₹799

    6. These wooden serving trays that are picture-perfect and will come in handy while hosting those fancy dinner parties at home - ₹1,399 for a set of 3

    3 wooden serving trays with traditional designs and filled with different colours

    7. This floral hand block table runner that will make any table look 10 times better and inviting - ₹449

    A white and  pink table runner with flowers and leaves printed on it

    8. These miniature hand-painted terracotta pots with monochromatic faces that have a certain unique charm to them - ₹749 for two

    Two different sized pots in black and white with eyes, nose and mouth painted on it

    9. This beautiful mosaic lamp that will cast its light in a myriad of beautiful patterns around it when lit up - ₹349

    A mosaic lamp decorated with coloured glass pieces lit up in a dark room

    10. This macrame wall hanging shelf that you can use to display your favourite books, succulents, candles or other small trinkets - ₹899 for a pack of 2

    A macrame wall hanging with a wooden shelf holding a few books and showpieces

    11. This key holder fitted with handmade blue pottery tiles that is a great way to quirk up plain walls and give them a makeover - ₹359

    An iron key holder fitted with colorful blue pottery tiles and 6 colourful ceramic hook ends

    12. This colourful braided jute rug that will not only cover up dulls stains on the floor but will give your room a whole new tempting vibe - ₹1,389

    A multi-coloured braided cotton and jute rug

    13. This set of 4 elegant ceramic pasta plates that are microwave and oven safe and can be used to serve pasta, soup, Maggi and even breakfast cereal with a flair - ₹1,349

    4 ceramic pasta plates in the  colour pink, blue, green and red

    14. These Rajasthani musician puppets that are rustic, traditional, ethnic and handmade with love and care from recycled material by rural artisans - ₹349 for 5 pieces

    A set of 5 Rajasthani puppets each holding a musical instrument and wearing turbans and local Rajasthani attire

    15. This adorable handmade cat pen stand made from terracotta that all cat parents will appreciate - ₹668

    A cat-shaped pen stand in white and green

    16. This handcrafted and embossed colourful elephant stool that will set off against your living room decor beautifully - ₹859

    A colourful stool built in the shape of an elephant

    17. This wooden hand-carved jewellery box that is so detailed and intricate in design that it might just stand out more than the jewellery you put in it - ₹449

    A wooden carved jewellery box with detailed carvings on the body

    18. And finally, this eye-catching metal wind chime that you can hang in your window or balcony to hear rhythmic soothing bells every time there is beautiful windy weather outside - ₹649

    A metal wind chime in a brass colour with 5 metal bells adorned on the geometric design