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    14 Supplies You Need In Your Pantry If You've Been Watching Too Many Korean Food Shows

    Pair it with a glass of soju and you're golden!

    1. A pack of 5 Nongshim ramyun spicy soupy noodles 'cause after all, which Korean food order is complete without a bowl of soupy ramen? This set even comes with a pair of chopsticks - ₹439

    A bowl of soupy ramen with chopsticks and an empty packet of red Nongshim ramyun kept on the side.

    2. And, if you're planning to challenge your friends to a fire noodle round, then this Samyang fire chicken ramen with 2X spiciness will have you and your friends breathing fire from your ears - ₹529 for a pack of 5

    A pack of red Samyang spicy ramen in hot chicken flavour.

    3. A bottle of Samyang Buldak extremely spicy hot chicken flavour sauce to pair it with some yummy pan-fried momos and other fried dishes if you love your dishes to have some extra heat - ₹319

    Two dishes of dimsums and spring rolls along with a sauce bowl full of hot chicken flavour sauce and two bottles of the spicy sauce.

    4. A pack of ready-to-eat Tteokpokki hot spicy flavour if you've seen too many K-dramas and can't wait to try a bite of this saucy and chewy delicacy - ₹499

    A packet of ready-to-eat Tteokbokki in a hot spicy flavour.

    5. A Korean cookbook with recipes for all popular Korean dishes like kimchi, bibimbap, Korean fried chicken, bingsu and more that you've always wanted to try your hand at - ₹1,550

    The cover of Seoul Food Korean cookbook with 135 popular recipes.

    6. This box of Gochujang hot pepper paste is a must if you're trying to cook up their famous Yangnyeom chicken, Korean fried chicken, Tteokbokki, Budae Jjigae or numerous other delicacies that you've probably heard your favourite K-pop idol rave about - ₹549 for 500 gms

    Two boxes of 500gm red gochujang paste kept alongside the sauce in a dipping bowl.

    7. A pair of bamboo reusable chopsticks with a pretty design at the base to make the entire experience of cooking and eating Korean food seem mega authentic - ₹198 for 10 pairs.

    10 sets of bamboo chopsticks with a pretty blue floral design on the base.

    8. And of course, a jar of radish kimchi because no Korean meal is complete without wolfing down this must-have side dish - ₹445

    A jar of fermented radish kimchi.

    9. A pack of natural rice paper to make those fresh AF kimbap rolls, bibimbap rice paper rolls or to try the new hack of making tteok(rice cake) from rice paper that recently went viral - ₹355

    Kimbap with sticky rice and fresh vegetables rolled in rice paper.

    10. Or, these seaweed laver sheets carefully roasted for a crisp and non-chewy texture used to make sushi and kimbap rolls - ₹295

    A pack of seaweed sheets set alongside a plate of sushi/kimbap wrapped in seaweed sheets.

    11. This spicy black bean vegetarian sauce to make stir-fried veggies or chicken in black bean sauce, or the much-talked about Jajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) that will be a show stealer at the next dinner at home - ₹265

    A jar or spicy black bean sauce from Lee Kum Kee.

    12. This bottle of organic brown rice syrup which is an essential ingredient for Korean sweet and spicy fried chicken that makes mouths water. It's also a natural sweetener, vegan and gluten-free - ₹345

    A bottle of brown rice syrup kept beside a bowl full of the caramel-coloured syrup and a golden spoon.

    13. A bottle of Korean citron pulp and honey tea that is rich in vitamin C and can be mixed with water for consumption. It is also great for easing coughs and contains calcium to strengthen bones - ₹450

    A glass jar of Citron pulp and honey tea.

    14. And lastly, this tub of soybean paste that is an essential ingredient to make some wholesome Doenjang Jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew) or Doenjang Guk (Korean soybean paste soup) when you just want some comforting food to calm your soul - ₹540

    A tub of 500gm of soybean paste.