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    15 Fabulous Party Decor Items To Make The Next Birthday At Home More Special

    Keep calm and celebrate!

    1. This balloon garland arch DIY kit with 100 pieces that will be just as much fun setting up as the actual party - ₹599

    A balloon garland made from white and gold balloons

    2. This rose gold foil curtain that would make such a great backdrop for all the numerous selfies you'll want to click for the 'gram - ₹349

    4 women standing in front of a rose gold foil curtain clicking selfies

    3. These battery-operated bottle cork LED string lights that will make the festive mood merrier with their soft warm glow - ₹199

    4 images showing different ways the battery operated cork LED string lights can be decorated while lit up. They are kept in lanterns and glass holders.

    4. This LED 'Happy Birthday' banner that adds a certain sparkle to all your birthday party shenanigans - ₹499

    A room decorated with balloons, string lights and an LED 'Happy Birthday' banner

    5. These adorable hanging fans that will give your entire party a beachy vibe, especially if you were born in the summer - ₹299 for 6

    6 fans in different colours and sizes hung on a wall behind a table laden with food

    6. This champagne balloon garland that will do justice to any over-the-top celebrations you have in mind - ₹499

    A champagne balloon with numerous smaller golden balloons coming out of it

    7. These Happy Birthday printed confetti balloons that come in pretty gold and black shades and look so much fun - ₹299

    8. This cute 'Birthday Girl' sash that shows everyone who the star of the day is - ₹199

    A black sash with the words 'Birthday Girl' written on it in pink

    9. These cute party photo booth props that include fun masks, hats, beards, funny quotes, and so much more to make your photos come out super quirky - ₹187 for 40 piece kit

    10. These golden swirls that you can hang from the ceiling to give the entire place a grand look for a birthday. Each of these also ends in a small birthday greeting - ₹299

    Golden swirls with the words Happy Birthday hanging at the bottom of each swirl

    11. Get these portable flower-shaped clips to create some truly eye-catching balloon flowers for your special day - ₹250

    A plastic flower clip and balloon flower decorations

    12. These pretty star-shaped string lights that can be hung indoors or outdoors for a fairytale-like celebration - ₹278

    The lights are draped around a plant

    13. Or, these giant foil balloons that are a must when planning a coming-of-age party. These can also be filled with helium so that they hang merrily on the ceiling - ₹299

    4 inflated balloons in the shape of a champagne bottle, wine glass, whiskey bottle and beer mug

    14. This adorable rainbow LED lamp that'll make a birthday party 10 times more cuter and livelier - ₹399

    A rainbow LED lamp with two clouds on both sides with smiley faces

    15. These light-up glow sticks, that can be turned into bracelets, necklaces, headbands or fun shapes, add extra oomph to a rocking birthday party - ₹349 for a pack of 100

    A person wearing lit up glow sticks as necklaces around her neck