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    40 Pieces Of Jewelry Every Nerd Will Love

    Who says nerds can't be well-dressed?

    1. Ewok Polymer Clay Ring

    2. The Legend of Korra Korrasami Tribute Bracelet

    3. Write Invaders Resin Bangle

    4. Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

    5. Golden Snitch Locket

    6. Happy Pikachu Earrings

    7. 221 B Baker Street Key Necklace

    8. Khaleesi Necklace

    9. Star Trek Insignia Earrings

    10. Vulcan Salute Necklace

    11. Hogwarts Delivery Owl Earrings

    12. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Necklace

    13. Baby Groot Laser Cut Wood Earrings

    14. Nerd Definition Necklace

    15. Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

    16. Miyazaki Soot Sprite Earrings

    17. Pokeball Earrings

    18. I Am Sher-locked Necklace

    19. Dr. Who Tardis Adjustable Bronze Ring

    20. Star Wars Glow-In-The-Dark Lightsaber Earrings

    21. Super Mario Yoshi Egg Earrings

    22. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ring

    23. Avatar: The Last Airbender Necklace

    24. Sherlock Book Page Bottle Necklace

    25. Star Trek Fandom Necklace

    26. Finn and Jake Adventure Time Ring Set

    27. Albet Einstein Earrings

    28. Hobbit Door Locket

    29. Toothless Necklace

    30. Death Star Earrings

    31. Avatar: The Last Airbender Appa Earrings

    32. Comic book studs

    33. "After all this time?" "Always" Harry Potter Bracelets

    34. Period Table of Elements Cuff Bracelet

    35. Pi Symbol Earrings

    36. Circuit Board Ring

    37. Iron Man Arc Reactor Necklace Pendant

    38. Star Wars Storm Trooper Necklaces (black and white)

    39. Sunday Comic Earrings

    40. Supernatural Angel Sword Necklace