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    34 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured The Struggle Of High School Marching Band

    Always getting into treble.

    1. When the safety of your instrument came before the safety of anything and anyone else.

    2. When these were the only thing protecting your thinly gloved fingers from the harsh, cold tundra.

    3. When your marching show from two, three, or even four seasons ago got stuck in your head... again.

    4. When playing softly on the field while marching required a god-like grace that you didn't have.

    5. When "one more time" always, always, meant five more times.

    ... Yeahhh.

    ... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    6. When DUT DUT DUT DUT.

    7. When you wondered who thought only breathing sporadically while carrying heavy equipment and marching at high tempos was a great idea.

    8. When band camp never failed to kick your butt back into shape every single year.

    9. When your section formed an unhealthy attachment to its bucket.

    10. When it became impossible NOT to march to the music playing around you

    11. When band practice was literally never cancelled... ever.

    12. When you would occasionally fall to temptation and play with the percussion equipment when no one was looking.

    13. When you knew you would fight TOOTH AND NAIL to defend your band from budget cuts.

    14. When you couldn't handle the suspense of waiting until Monday to hear your scores.

    15. When your instrument molded your face and fingers into bizarre shapes.

    16. When you rolled your eyes at the cheesy band puns, but inside they secretly filled your heart with glee.

    17. When you became tired of explaining why competitive marching band should be considered a sport.

    18. When double reed instruments were always an endless source of confusion.

    19. When chipped reeds were the bane of your existence.

    20. When you would sneak into band early and shuffle the stands around to avoid the one that always dumped your music on the ground.

    21. When you struggled with deciding between auditioning for drum major and staying on the field so you could continue to play your instrument.

    22. When you realized that the true hell on earth was playing a Soussa march as a horn player.

    23. When no one outside of band knew about DCI... and any comparison you could make between your band and drum corps made you feel legit as hell.

    24. When you heard that dreaded crackling sound signifying it was time to leak your spit everywhere and freak out the flute section.

    25. When no matter how hard you tried, carrying large instruments just never looked graceful.

    26. When you wondered where your band found the money to constantly dry-clean its white pants.

    27. When band camp was literally the most hard core thing on the planet.

    28. When you thought you were going to die waiting for those coveted snack bags after games and competitions.

    29. When you found yourself seething over inconsiderate intruders, because the band room was sacred territory reserved for the chosen few.

    30. When you prepared for your first competition and were convinced that you would either pass out, go completely blank, or just wet your pants once you stepped onto the field.

    31. When you spent the majority of the school year eagerly waiting for the next band season to start.

    32. When you spent so much of your free time complaining about band knowing you would never, ever leave it.

    33. When you knew that despite the long hours, sweaty days, freezing nights, and tireless repetition, you loved band unconditionally.

    34. When you realized that, more than anything, you wish you could do it all over again.
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