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    19 Amazing Gifts Every Feminist Will Absolutely Love

    Because who doesn't love smashing the patriarchy?!

    1. Maya Angelou Notebook / Via

    This one comes in a gorgeous array of colors.

    2. Feminist Authors Tank / Via

    Rep some strong and inspiration women!

    3. Male Tears Flask / Via

    For drinking the tears of mansplainers after you knock them to the ground with wit and logic.

    4. Feminist iPhone Case / Via

    Hillary Clinton, where you be at??

    5. "Sushi Rolls Over Gender Roles" T-Shirt / Via


    6. "Girls Just Want To Have Fun-damental Human Rights Shirt" / Via

    In case anyone needs a friendly reminder.

    7. Feminist Definition Tote / Via

    When you don’t have time for cat callers, just flash this bag. Or smack them upside the head with it, maybe they'll absorb the information through osmosis.

    8. "Fuck Your Patriarchal Bullshit" Pillow / Via

    Don't have time for people's misogynistic ignorance? Save your breath for throwing shade and pillows.

    9. "Feminist in Training" Infant One Piece / Via

    Gotta start 'em young.

    10. Audre Lorde Alphabet Children's Dress / Via

    And then keep 'em going.

    11. Feminist Symbol Poster / Via

    A great conversation starter for feminist skeptics who wander into your dorm room.

    12. Feminist Trans Power Ornament / Via

    Solidarity and inclusivity!

    13. "Ain't No Wifey" Beanie / Via

    Because *duh*

    14. Feminist Playing Cards / Via

    They're limited addition, so get them soon!

    15. Feminist Symbol Earrings / Via

    Strong, independent, and with an array of cute accessories.

    16. Frida Kahlo Necklace / Via

    An absolute stunner.

    17. Feminist Buttons / Via

    Versatile, snarky, witty — a killer combination.

    18. Whovian Feminist Shower Curtain / Via

    The femi-nerds in your life will definitely appreciate this one.

    19. "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" T-shirt / Via

    Because it's true!