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18 Comments People In Multiracial/ethnic Families Are Tired Of Hearing

"So exotic"

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7. "So like, which race do your parents expect you to date?"


Yes, after being in an interracial relationship for 30+ years, my parents are going to demand that their multiracial children date within a single race. Mhm.

10. "Omg, I want to try your people's food, but I want your mom to cook it because I want to try the authentic stuff"

But we eat, like, mac and cheese at my house. Are you saying you want authentic mac and cheese?

14. "Your kids are going to be so cool looking . . . or just really confused"


I'm having a hard time grappling with the fact that my future children are being exotified before they have even had the chance to form in my womb

17. *Walks into home and looks at decor* "I can really see how you identify with both sides of your family, now"

18. "Omg, your family is like . . . the future of America"


Uh, no, more like the current-and-existing-since-this-country's-colonialistic-inception version of America. DON'T OVERLOOK MY HISTORY.

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