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    16 Places Prince Zuko Could Have Found His Honor

    Dammit, Zuko, you wasted three seasons on this!

    1. Up Uncle's sleeve next to his Pai Sho tiles:

    2. In the Goblet of Fire:

    Warner Brothers

    3. In the heart of a boy who would've gladly gone to war for him:

    4. In the fragrance aisle next to Des Grace:

    5. In the courtroom:

    6. With these cosplayers:

    7. With the top students at the Royal Fire Nation Academy:

    Even Pipsqueak and Smellerbee have honor, Zuko, what's wrong with you!?

    8. On Mulan's Cow:

    9. Wherever Tarlock hid Korra, which would require him to track the Avatar... again:

    So basically Zuko is screwed.

    10. On a cliffside:

    11. In all 20 grocery bags:

    12. Through social media gratification:

    13. With Timmy's dad's trophies:

    14. P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney:

    15. Some random place that the Scooby Gang could've figured out in one episode rather than THREE WHOLE SEASONS, ZUKO:

    16. In this bridal party:

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