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15 Drunken Twists On Classic Board Games

Just desecrating childhood classics with alcohol, nbd.

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1. Monopoly, or Wall Street / Via

How to play: Take a drink whenever you...

-Pass 'GO'

-Land on someone else's property

-Get put in jail

-Pay the bank money (such as through Chance, Community Chest or Income Tax)

GOVERNMENT BAILOUT: Chug your drunk/take a shot to get out of jail AND to get out of debt. Alcohol is awesome.

2. Battleship, or Battle Shots / Via

How to Play:

If you hit your opponent, they take a swig of beer/mixed drink. If you get hit, you take a beer/mixed drink. If someone's battleship gets sunk, they take a shot. Simple as that. BOOM. I drunk your battleship.

3. Twister, or Naughty Knots / Via

How to play:

Place shots (half or full) on the green and blue dots, and beer on the yellow and red dots. If someone would like to use that dot, they must first chug that drunk. After they chug it, that dot is free to be used for the rest of the game.

6. Clue, or Clueless / Via

How to play: First, if you have a variety of booze, select a beverage of choice for each of the rooms you can enter (Examples: Wine in the Lounge, Liquor in the Billiard room). Then take a drink whenever...

-You enter a room (obviously from the corresponding drink)

-Your character is accused

-You take a secret passageway. Alcohol is proven to help you sneak better.

Bonus points if you impersonate your character for the entire game.

8. Scrabble, or Tequila and the Bee / Via

How to play: Take a drink whenever...

-You lose a round

-You have to swap out a tile

-You form a word that is less than four tiles

Make someone else take a drink whenever you use a tile worth 8+ points. Just to rub it in.

If you thought you were a terrible speller before...

9. Life, or Life / Via

How to play: Take a drink whenever you...

-Get married

-Take out loans

-Have a child

-Pay taxes

Tell another player to drink whenever you...

-Get a pay day

-Buy a house

-Start career

-Speed (spin a 10)

Invite everyone to drink when you reach retirement! So basically... Life.

11. Guess Who, or Hreegjeojss? / Via

How to play: Take a drink whenever you have to flip at least one of your tiles down.

HERE'S THE TWIST: You can not ask questions regarding physical appearance. They must all regard the personality of the characters.

Example: Is your character the type of person who would win in a bar fight?
Is maintaining well-groomed facial hair a priority for your person?

12. Operation, or Malpractice Insurance / Via

How to play: The key here is to start the game out with a shot, just to loosen up. Then take a drink whenever you set off the nose buzzer. If you successfully remove a piece, then have the other players take a drink.

Note: This is not recommended for real-life operations. Please don't do this in actual operations.

13. Risk, or Drunk Imperialism, or maybe just Imperialism / Via

How to play:

-Have a celebration swig whenever you conquer a country!

-Have a self-pity swig whenever you lose a country or an army.

-Whenever you conquer a continent, order the other players to take two drinks while singing your praise and basking in your aura of strength and glory.

-Once you're eliminated from the game, chug the rest of your drink and wallow in a pool of your tears born from shame and sorrow.

15. Candy Land, or King Kandy's Cup / Via

How to play: Just obey these rules for landing on the following spaces...

Blue: "You." Point to someone and they have to take a drink.

Green: "Me." You take a drink.

Red: Rhyme. You're playing an adorable children's game, so you're going to make up some adorable children's rhymes. Whoever landed on red must choose a word, and then everyone must go around in a circle saying a word that rhymes with it. The first person to hesitate takes a drink.

Purple: Whoever lands on this space first gets to decide the drinking rule for this color.

Orange: Play a round of "Never Have I Ever." Whoever puts all their fingers down first taking a drink.

Yellow: As soon as your token hits the yellow space, everyone needs to smack the ground. The last person to do this takes a drink.

Picture Spaces: Whenever someone lands on a picture space, everyone must pour a little bit of their drink into the King Kandy... Kup.

Licorice Space: Seriously? You got stuck in a Licorice Space? You suck. Take TWO drinks.

Shortcuts: You can't just take a shortcut without giving something up! Another player gets to ask you a question, and you must answer truthfully.

If you land on the same space as someone else: WATERFALL. As soon as you start to chug your drink, the person to your left (and then their left, etc.), must also chug their drink. They cannot stop until you stop.

WHOEVER REACHES KING KANDY'S KASTLE FIRST will be rewarded with the King Kandy Kup... and they must drink it. All of it. Congratulations.

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