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Apps To Download If You Are In College

More reasons for you to stare at your phone!

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1. Venmo

This is probably the most useful app you'll ever download. I make my parents download it to send me money at times. I basically never have cash (and neither do my friends) and sometimes restaurants are rude about splitting checks, so having one person pay and paying them back via Venmo is SO helpful. You hook it up to your Credit or Debit card and your bank account and you can send money to anyone on the app securely and transfer money sent to you to your bank account. And if you're bored you can look at the clever messages people write to folks to whom they send money. It's good stuff.

2. HeyLets

Moving to a new city for college? Learn about the coolest places in your new area from locals themselves. Set your interests: music? food? fashion? HeyLets will give you suggestions based on your interests, but also show you what people have posted around your location. You can even add your favorite spots from places you've been. Here's why it's not like Yelp!: There are only places people enjoyed on here. This isn't for reviewing bad restaurants and theaters. It's for sharing the good in a town!

3. WhatsGoodly

This is an app for the gossip lover inside of you. Make and answer anonymous polls on really anything! It connects with your college campus and confirms it by using a .edu email address to let you and your fellow students get gossiping on real matters-- which frats are middle tier and which beer is the shittiest!

4. Poshmark

Looking to make quick money? Sell the clothes off your back! (or just the clothes that sit at the bottom of the drawer). Poshmark does take a small cut of your earnings to pay for shipping but it is the easiest way to sell your clothes and make some extra cash. The money is deposited directly to your bank account via the app after it is confirmed that your buyer receives the package. I haven't seen many men's clothes on here, but there's a first time for everything.

5. Bandsintown

If you love music and concerts download Bandsintown. It will scan your music sources-- iTunes, SoundCloud, Tidal, or Spotify-- and show you concerts from or related to music you like. You set your location and the distance you're willing to travel and show you concerts around you that week. There's even a link to purchase tickets and RSVP.

6. Uber or Lyft

You never know when you'll be stranded and need a ride, so I suggest, just to be safe, setting up an Uber or a Lyft account. Uber seems to be in most cities, but Lyft is mostly in big cities. I prefer Lyft. It's usually cheaper and I have never had the "creepy driver" scenario. Plus not as many people are on the app so less demand=fewer surges.

7. theSkimm

You're in college now so adults will expect you to be in the know with current events. Since you may not be privvy to watching the news or reading the newspaper download theSkimm. It gives you an overview of the day's headlines and a short blurb about each thing that happened keeping you in the know and on-the-go.

8. Duolingo

Want to learn a new language, but don't have room in your schedule? Download Duolingo. Learn Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, and more through a series of easy step-by-step courses. As you progress you can post your "Certificates" on LinkedIn to let future employers know you learned a second language via an iPhone app!

9. Evernote

Evernote allows you to keep note of everything and have it sync to multiple devices. With it's quick search feature you can find key words that you had on lists. You can also share your notes with others.

11. GroupMe

This is basically an app for messaging. It's best for group messages and won't send you a million notifications if you set it up correctly. It's probably the best way to keep a large group in the know and connected (I am talking 20+).

12. LinkedIn

A lot of people hope to leave college employed, but I would wager that is nearly impossible without having a LinkedIn. Most jobs will require you to turn in a resume, but recruiters will go back to your LinkedIn to look at your experience in more depth. It is important to keep it updated an classy. This isn't Facebook. This is like a virtual resume.

13. Google Drive

It seems like the majority of .edu email addresses are connected with a Google account so you should have access to Google Drive through your school email address. It stores an documents, Excel files, or PowerPoints you may have. It is just a convenient thing to have on a mobile device too.

15. DrunkMode

You may have "one of those nights" and DrunkMode was designed for just that. It will track your location during your night out. Lose your purse at a party? Just check the app to see where you were the night before and retrace your steps. You can block contacts during the night so you won't drunk dial your ex or your mom. You can also FindMyDrunk and find your friends who connect with you on the app. It also includes the best ways to get home. Awesome to say the least.

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