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    This Is How You Live

    Luckily, I don't think the popularity of the Kardashians, bacon-flavored toothpaste or your obsession with pickup trucks are the biggest stereotypes of America.

    10 Things I Noticed About America

    My name is Akos Gabossy. I grew up in Hungary, across the ocean in Europe, but since we decided to bring our new entertainment concept to the States back in 2014, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a significant portion of time here in the past few years.

    Our escape room brand has expanded rapidly, now with locations in pretty much every major metropolis. That means I‘ve gotten to meet and talk with lots of Americans from all walks of life as the United States is known as the great melting pot, with so many different cultures and stories present.

    1. Like, so, basically...

    2. "I'll have a medium-well cheeseburger, no onions, add avocado, on an unseeded bun, with unsalted sweet potato fries and a side of chipotle mayo"

    3. You'll be hearing from my lawyer

    For some weird reason, Americans always feel the need to blame someone when the unexpected happens. The US appears to be a “sue-happy” society, where some people just can’t acknowledge the fact that accidents unfortunately occur in life and it isn’t anybody’s fault. Someone has to cover your “real or assumed damage,” an attitude that makes you spend a fortune on insurance policies.

    4. Wire transfer only...? Do you have venmo?

    5. ...and my cvv code is 284

    It seems to be a contradiction how easily some will give credit card information to anyone over the phone, while a bank account number is protected like some national treasure. People are reluctant to even apply for an internationally-recognized passport. In today’s globalized economy, the American reluctance to embrace more global means of doing business is quite surprising to me.

    6. No, I swear. I really do go to the same grocery store as Noah Centineo

    I get the impression that everybody in the States knows a celebrity actor, athlete, or a billionaire. Come on, this is a huge country! It’s impossible that everyone went to the same high school or hair salon as someone famous.

    7. This is not how it went in my head

    8. I'm starting my own business

    9. I'll be here all week!

    10. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    People are usually more critical about things and people that they care about, admire and respect. It’s the reason you often fight more with your family than you ever would with anyone else. Hopefully you see how whatever criticism is present here in this article, it stems from that very same spirit. I’m extremely grateful to your country for giving me the opportunity to live as a global citizen, and I can’t wait to build more and more fun PanIQ Rooms for your entertainment. And besides that, I know that every time I visit, you’re going to tell me some great jokes. So keep ‘em coming, America!

    About the author

    Ákos Gábossy (32) was formerly working as a banker and financial expert when he became the co-founder and CEO of KACKAC Playhouse in Budapest. Before he started the PANIQ ESCAPE ROOM franchise, he was one of the owners of the Millipop Playhouse and became involved in several multi-million dollar real estate development projects. Akos is currently a PhD student, studying the local and foreign amusement sector for 10 years.