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    Another 5 Things You Didn't Know About Parsi Surnames

    The last in a series of useless trivia. Tata!

    1. What the f@#% is a workingbox?

    The New Indian Express

    I don't think he knows too.

    2. Kya baat karte ho, Panday ji?

    Dinodia / © DINODIA

    Chulbul Panday wasn't Parsi, but Bai Ruttonbai FD Panday was.

    3. Hathi mere sathi

    Jamshed Panthaki

    Hathi, Hathidaru, Hathikhanawala, Hathiram. All Parsi surnames.

    4. Kya keh rahe ho, miyan?


    Mulla, Mirza, Khan, Aga are Parsi surnames too.

    5. We love our drink. If the Parsi Peg isn't proof enough, our surnames are.

    Daruwalla. Toddywala. Rumwalla. Ginwalla? That's related to cotton-ginning, not the drink.