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    5 More Things You Didn't Know About Parsi Surnames

    No, Titwala is a suburban railway station on the Mumbai Central line. Not the surname of a chubby Parsi guy.

    1. We've made homes in distant far-off places (and surnames out of them)


    You can see how far and wide we've traveled and settled from our surnames: Bengal (Bengallee), Kerala (Malabari), Burma (Rangoonwala), Yemen (Adenwala) and China (Chinoy)

    2. Gujarati was our mother-tongue. Now it's English.


    So Mr. Vaid became Mr. Doctor, Mr. Vakeel became Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Mistry became Mr. Contractor, and Messrs. Daruwala, Batliwala, Motiwala et al became Messrs. Merchant, Merchant, Merchant & Merchant.

    3. Phir bhi, dil hai Hindustani

    Via Pinterest

    Some of us wear our Indian-ness on our sleeve. Or in our names. We've also adopted distinctly Indian names. Like Tarachand, Cassinath (Kashinath) and Govekar

    4. We're all related

    Lala Deen Dayal

    Mama. Bhanja. Chacha. Kaka. They are Parsi surnames too.

    5. Readymoney


    That's a Parsi surname. I swear!

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