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    28 "Hard-Won" Strategies To Help Your Team To Really Thrive

    You want your team to thrive, right? Then check these out...

    So you started a business, or you got promoted to manager. Or you have dreams of being the CEO one day. What can you do to help your team thrive? Or what do you wish your boss started to implement to improve the culture.

    I reached out to 28 prominent female leaders for them to share their best advise from their experience about how to help their team to thrive.

    Here are the answers they shared.

    Give direct, honest feedback

    Opportunity to invest in people

    Never give up

    People are going to judge you on first impressions, long before you say your first words

    Do you know what you don’t know?

    Manage, but don’t micromanage

    Be the CEOs of their own careers

    Happy people will deliver great work

    Be comfortable in your skin and don’t let anyone else define you

    Be prepared

    Experience the world

    Don’t apologize for your opinion.

    Be positive, be confident and be honest

    Understand their personality types

    Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

    Making an effort to be present is incredibly important.

    Strike the word “just” from the work vocabulary.

    Maintain a consistently high bar, and develop a reputation for having one

    The best leadership is to lead by example

    People are naturally drawn to self-confidence (PART 1)

    People are naturally drawn to self-confidence (PART 2)

    Don’t listen to the naysayers

    Work hard, be smart, and above all, suck it up

    Clear vision

    Be strong, never back down, and never cry

    You can’t exclude your own needs

    Embrace the concept of successful failure.

    Manage each person accordingly