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    • akeimf

      Megan ElslipIfucking hate it… Looks like crap. If you wantacharacter that speaks to you then make one ;plenty of great comics out there feature strong women who have clothes that are sexy.Ithink the female form is beautifulIthink the artists who portrayed these are fabulous..ImeanIthink ANIME AND VIDEO GAMES SUFFER MORE FROM over sexualizing of women but leave my comics alone. And yesIbelieve that men should be exploited too…Class Comics. So asagay man who loves womenIdon’t have an issue with it all.. At no point and time haveIever OH Geez cover that up.Ithink sexuality is beautiful.Ithink that men who can’t draw another man sexually but can with women might need to be talked too butIhave no issue with the sexuality of woman being shown. All it says to me is that girl is confident in who she is and isn’t afraid of her perception. And ifaguy gets out of place she’ll correct it. Do you think that any of the comic book women shown wouldn’t be able to handleaguy if he steps out of line.Iam not going to bitch or moan about an artist character design that he created. At that point why don’tIjust tell him what he can an can’t draw. I’m not going to do that cause I’m not going to oppress his creative muse.Irather he drawasexy woman than hit one like Chris Brown.

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