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Moose Charge

Rare video footage of a too-close encounter with an agitated yet curious adult female moose in our driveway. An unprecedented opportunity presented itself: with camera in hand (intended for a different purpose), this face-to-face meeting -- between the moose and me -- literally over the top of my car -- could be recorded. In the process, recording my first-ever petting of a moose's nose and her less than joyous reaction; the snorting of a moose; a moose' tongue; a moose car wash -- moose enjoy licking vehicles; how casual and slowly a moose walks; how unpredictable a moose is; how decisive and fast a moose is when it's not wanting your company (nor its photo taken) and charges to attack as a result. All is on the video; and the video 100% unplanned. Filmed on location in Wasilla, Alaska by Brian McDermott. © Brian McDermott 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Moose Charge

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