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Underappreciated 90s Nickelodeon Stars

The excellent Tumblr Old School Nick has me reminiscing about formative experiences, so here goes. (Note: gripping Nickelodeon game shows such as "Wild and Crazy Kids" and "GUTS" will be addressed in a future post. We're sticking to character development here.) (Second note: this list is entirely subjective, in case you couldn't guess or tell.)

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  • 1. Brad from Hey Dude

    You can substitute any character who is not Melody here, but for me (and for Ted), it was always Brad. God, did I want to be her, jodhpurs and all.

  • 2. Linda Ellerbee

    Linda, where are you? They tell me you are still at Nick News, but all I see are children from Benetton ads. You taught me to feel ok about Bill Clinton, even though every other kid in my Atlanta junior high's fake election voted for Bob Dole, and I will never forget that.

  • 3. Pete & Pete

    Is there a graduate school course devoted to Pete & Pete yet? Maybe Pete & Pete could teach it themselves, as they seem to be otherwise unoccupied.

  • 4. Doug

    Doug is to Ren & Stimpy as Friends was to Seinfeld--you may own the DVD of the latter, but you watched the former, and you loved it. You did! It's ok! I did too! So did this a capella group. We're in good company.

  • 5. Are You Afraid Of The Dark

    This isn't so much a star as a whole TV show, but everyone I know still speaks about it in reverent, terrified tones. Those who could actually watch it, that is. I 100% could not. Too scary.

  • 6. Clarissa

    Angela Chase corned the "feelings" market, but Clarissa cornered the "tell you what's what" market. She was also extremely instructive in the ways of experimental fashion and allowing cute boys to climb in through your bedroom window. And charts, of course.