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The Best Of Venus Williams' Match Style

Venus has been on a roll all year--the pink US Open outfit is fairly tame by comparison. At least one was certain of her undergarments.

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  • US Open 2010 (September 5)

    That is really just a sparkly biking outfit. What's so scandalous?

  • US Open 2010 (September 4)

    Sparkly Sharapova dress.

  • US Open 2010 (September 1)

    Do not shop for tennis tops at Wet Seal, Venus.

  • Wimbledon 2010

    Swan Lake!

  • French Open 2010

    The lingerie look was maybe ill-advised.

  • Madrid Masters 2010

    Babydoll lingerie is slightly more appropriate than lacy lingerie? Not really.

  • Australian Open 2010

    The infamous "Venus goes commando" outfit. (She was not commando.)

  • French Open 2009


  • French Open 2009

    Snazzy Part II. She made good decisions at the 09 French Open.