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The Best Of Roger Federer's Match Style

Ok, so Rafa beats Roger on the shirtless front. But no one can beat Roger in the Monogrammed-Sweater-Vest-Wearing Open! He is also a champion of the Monochromatic Bowl, Cream Division.

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  • the aforementioned Monogrammed Sweater Vest

    (With matching headband.)

  • the Sgt. Pepper Warm-Up Jacket

    (With matching headband.)

  • the Monogrammed Blazer

    (With matching headband.)

  • the Monogrammed Warm-Up Jacket

    (Headband removed for trophy presentation.)

  • the White Vest with Gold Collared Shirt

    (With matching headband.)

  • the Gold Lamé Bag

  • Real Men Wear Pink...

  • ...or Monogrammed Teal...

  • ...or Purple.

    (With matching head AND wristbands.)

  • Bonus Ceremonial Looks:

    Wearing Nike's Heidi 2008 line in Beijing.

  • Before he met Anna.