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The 30 Worst Women's Magazine Covers of the 2000s

The things Photoshop and/or terrible taste can do. (Mostly terrible taste.)

  • 1. Gwyneth Paltrow, September 2007

    Palette DISASTER.

  • 2. Demi Moore, December 2009

    Demi and The Case Of The Missing Hip.

  • 3. Fergie, October 2006

    I have nothing nice to say.

  • 4. Lada Gaga, June 2009

    This is not coming from a place of Gaga hate. I love the LG! But this cover is not. flattering.

  • 5. the infamous Faith Hill Redbook, July 2007

    Brought to you in un-Photoshopped glory by Jezebel.

  • 6. Beyonce, December 2007

    That is not Beyonce. That is Beyonce starring in The Mask.

  • 7. Maggie Gyllenhaal, August 2008

    Joker/Batman yuk yuk yuk.]

  • 8. Alicia Silverstone, Ashlee Simpson, and Connie Britton, October 2009

    Mrs. Coach is EXCLUDED for the scorn. She still looks fab. (via Go Fug Yourself)

  • 9. Jessica Alba, March 2005

    What did they do to her eye???

  • 10. Sarah Jessica Parker, July 2006

    Plus side: that is the least horsey (sorry, had to) she's ever looked.

  • 11. Madonna, April 2006

    Cover by Photobooth. (via Photoshop Disasters)

  • 12. Britney Spears, August 2006

    Oh Brit, that wig.

  • 13. Sarah Michelle Gellar, May 2003

    The infamous bendy-limbed SMG. (via Gawker)

  • 14. Kate Winslet, February 2003

    This cover launched Kate Winslet's long career of fighting with tabloids and Photoshoppers.

  • 15. Scarlett Johansson, November 2008

    New rule for ScarJo: no jumpers.

  • 16. Gisele Bundchen and LeBron James, April 2008


  • 17. Julia Roberts, July 2003

    I think this is just a straight "copy head onto another body," no? (via Gawker)

  • 18. Janet Jackson, 2006

    Before Lady Gaga.

  • 19. Keira Knightley, December 2007

    Spooky (because she's ghostlike).

  • 20. Renee Zellweger, November 2004

    I am not allured.

  • 21. Nicole Kidman, November 2006

    C3PO chic.

  • 22. Drew Barrymore, March 2008

    You airbrushed her bones away.

  • 23. Kelly Rutherford, December 2009

    (via Go Fug Yourself)

  • 24. Sandra Oh, April 2007

    The "jump and smile" never works.

  • 25. Molly Sims, January 2002

    That's Molly Sims in plaid pants, right?

  • 26. Cameron Diaz, May 2008

    Cameron Diaz is not a 40s pin-up, she is a professional farter. Get it straight.

  • 27. Blake Lively, August 2008

    So much fake hair!!!!

  • 28. Gwyneth Paltrow, May 2008

    Whoa that neck.

  • 29. Kelly Clarkson, September 2009

    More! Controversy!

  • 30. Rachel Bilson, August 2008

    She is thinking what you are thinking.(via Go Fug Yourself)