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Judge Judy Makes $45 Million A Year

TV Guide released a list of TV's top-earners, and it is filled with people you've never heard of. (Unless you watch CBS, which you shouldn't, unless you're watching The Good Wife.) Here are the most ridiculous inclusions.

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  • 1. Judge Judy: $45 million per year

    It's nice to see someone in the legal profession making $$$.

  • 2. Bill O'Reilly: $10 million per year

    Bigoted thoughts sure are worth a lot of money!

  • 3. Keith Olbermann, $7 million per year

    So are whiny and slightly unhinged thoughts!

  • 4. Charlie Sheen: $1.25 million per episode of Two And A Half Men

    Congrats, America.

  • 5. Jon Cryer: $550,000 per episode of Two And A Half Men

    Duckie RIP.

  • 6. The Desperate Housewives: $400,000 per episode

    (Each, obviously.)

  • 7. Marg Helgenberger: $375,ooo per episode of CSI

    You people really need to calm down with the CSI stuff.

  • 8. Kate Gosselin: $250,000 per episode of Kate Plus 8

    Not counting DWTS appearances.

  • 9. Kevin Dillon And Adrien Grenier: $200,000 per episode of Entourage

    (Meanwhile, Jeremy Piven "deserves" his $375,000K per episode, at least by comparison.)

  • 10. David Boreanaz: $200,000 per episode of Bones