• The infamous ‘Boots Are Made For Walkin’ Video

    Way to go. Seriously.

  • Remember your GQ cover?

    That’s a big deal! You looked great!

  • And remember this VMAs?

    Orange fake tan aside, the Bianca Jagger look works for you.

  • You were also on the cover of Vanity Fair!

    Albeit about your weight. (Also, I made a little fun of you, sorry.)

  • You got to John Mayer before Jennifer Aniston did.

    Even if he looked like that at the time.

  • You never looked like this.

    2005 was rough for Ashlee.

  • You never got accidentally pregnant.

    (She does have a glow, though.)

  • You never shotgun married this.


  • And you are capable of looking like this, just walking around, being you.

    Positivity! We believe in you!!!!!