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Katherine Heigl Vs. Kate Hudson: The Terrible RomCom-Off

In this corner, we have a wildly unlikable former Grey's Anatomy star who's still coasting on Knocked Up. And in this corner we have Penny Lane. Who will win the battle of the KHs Who Star In Really Bad Romantic Comedies?! (The "winner" is the woman in the worst movies.)

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  • pre-2006: The Ringervs. Le Divorce

    Katherine Heigl plays Johnny Knoxville's love-interest in a movie about a dude who fixes the Special Olympics in order to pay off his debts. Kate Hudson plays the flighty younger sister/stock American au pair in a movie about hateful Frenchies and expensive art. Winner/Loser: Katherine Heigl (Le Divorce was awful but at least had Naomi Watts and a veneer of French classiness. Katherine Heigl wasn't even on the poster of the "special" movie.)

  • 2006: Caffeine vs. You, Me, and Dupree

    Katherine Heigl plays somebody's ex-girlfriend in a movie about the "quirky Black Cat Cafe in London." Kate Hudson plays second-fiddle to Owen Wilson and Matt Dillon's bromance. Winner/Loser: Katherine Heigl. I haven't seen this movie, but I'm assuming she had to do an English accent. The thought is pretty horrifying.

  • 2007: Knocked Up vs. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

    Ok, so How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days came out in 2003, but Kate Hudson didn't release a movie in 2007, so it seemed like a good opportunity for these two to face off with their "best" movies. (Almost Famous is a different genre, so it's DQed.) Katherine Heigl holds her own against a bunch of Apatovian stoners, while Kate Hudson is charmingly psycho. Winner/Loser: Kate Hudson: Only because she played such a stock character. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is actually more enjoyable when you're flipping around hungover at 3pm on a Sunday (says the lady, for whom all RomComs are made).

  • 2008: 27 Dresses vs. Fool's Gold

    Here we go. Katherine Heigl plays the forever bridesmaid. Kate Hudson is back with McConaughey, this time as one half of a married couple who fall back in love while searching for lost treasure. Winner/Loser: Kate Hudson: This was maybe the toughest call, because 27 Dresses is a terrible movie, but the target audience embraced it more. I am totally willing to be corrected on that, please weigh in.

  • 2009: The Ugly Truth vs. Bride Wars

    Katherine Heigl [doesn't matter]. Kate Hudson is a bride. Winner/Loser: Kate Hudson.

  • Upcoming: Life As We Know It vs. A Little Bit Of Heaven

    Katherine Heigl plays an uptight single woman who has to co-parent an orphan with a hot-ish guy. Kate Hudson corrupts a super hot Mexican actor. Winner/Loser: Katherine Heigl: because she couldn't get Gael Garcia Bernal to costar.

  • Tiebreaker: Killers vs. My Best Friend's Girl

    Katherine Heigl impulsively marries Ashton Kutcher, who turns out to be a former assassin (hi-jinks ensue). Kate Hudson dates Dane Cook and Jason Biggs. Winner/Loser: Katherine Heigl It is really hard to side with anything involving Dane Cook, but Heigl and Kutcher in a "funny" Mr. And Mrs. Smith ripoff? That can't win.

  • And the Winner/Loser/Star of The Worst RomComs is:

    Katherine Heigl, by a HAIR. Dane Cook haters should feel free to reverse this decision.