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    July 16: The Anniversary of Everything

    Today is the anniversary of almost every event in history (please inquire within for verification).

    • 1. Apollo 11 launch, 1969

      40 years ago today (The Big Picture has many more awesome images if you just want to geek out Space-style for the rest of the day.)

    • 2. JFK Jr./Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's Plane Crash, 1999

      10 years ago today. Oof. Sad. (More photos here.)

    • 3. Catcher in the Rye published, 1951

      58 years of duckless winters. (Via)

    • 4. Romanovs Executed, 1918

      All except Anastasia.

    • 5. DC becomes the Nation's Capital, 1790

      Did you know that D.C. was built on a swamp so that everyone would want to leave in the summer, thus restricting the size/reach of the federal government? I read that once, it's true.

    • 6. Corey Feldman's Birthday, 1971

      Put on your party shoes.

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