Internet Fact Check: The ‘Full House’ House

Some of you may have read that the Full House House is up for sale. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but: it’s not.

  • 722 Steiner, the fake 'Full House' House

    This is the house that launched a thousand dreams of living next to Kimmy Gibbler. It's currently on sale for $4.1 million, and it's beautiful, but it's not the right house! If you were fooled, it's not totally your fault, since 722 Steiner is one of San Francisco's famous Painted Ladies, a row of old school houses that's featured in Full House's opening credits. Tricky. And also, when you've seen one crazily painted Victorian house, you've seen them all.

  • Maybe you know this video from the "Hunting For 90s TGIF Homes" series on YouTube. They fall prey to a fairly basic re-painting explanation, which is plausible, especially if you are too busy reciting Full House factoids for your audience. (No judgment.) But let's do a side by side:

  • NOT THE SAME HOUSE. (Sorry for the poor quality, but I took a photo from the actual program for authenticity). The bay window is on the wrong side. New paint and possibly-added-at-a-later-date detailing aside, the basic architecture is completely different.

  • Here is a photo of the actual Full House House, 1709 Broderick Street, taken by yours truly on a pilgrimage in August 2009. (You really have to want the religious experience, because it's quite a hike up the hill to Pacific Heights.) For verification of this address, please visit here, here, and here.

  • Here is video of the real house from another set of investigative pilgrims. Please note the address confirmation from a neighbor.

  • Finally, Kimmy Gibbler herself has weighed in, responding to a similarly-themed post by PopWatch's Annie Barret. Basically, this myth-busting has the Gibbler seal of approval.

  • In conclusion, please only buy this home if you enjoy original moldings and Bosch appliances. (More photos here.) This house will not bring back your childhood.

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