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Cutest Laid-Off Animals

The economy is so bad that the Bronx Zoo is firing its animals. This is sad if you're an unemployed lemur but GREAT if you're in the market for a Baby Rodrigues Fruit Bat, which I am. Anyway, here are the cutest animals now available for your home zoo. Enjoy!

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  • 1. Glamorous Porcupine

    Look at that hair. (Via Bronx Zoo)

  • 2. Red-Ruffed Lemur

    This guy is from Madagacar! Just like that movie. (Via Bronx Zoo)

  • 3. Baby Guanaco

    The Guanco is closely related to the camel. I see Arabian Nights-theme parties in your future. (Via Bronx Zoo)

  • 4. Collared Lemur

    For aspiring zookeepers who like to keep it formal. (Via Bronx Zoo)

  • 5. Baby Rodrigues Fruit Bat

    I'm adopting this guy because I am the type of person who chooses things based solely on awesome names. (Via Bronx Zoo)