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    Coolest 90s School Supplies

    It's time for the lucky people to go back to school! I am not lucky, so I can only reminisce and offer to send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. But if I were going supply shopping, here is what I would buy.

    • Trapper Keepers

      Let's just get the obvious ones out of the way. I think mine had the New Kids? Or maybe it was...

    • Lisa Frank

      Also file under: obviously.

    • Mr. Sketch Markers

      I wonder whether the black licorice would be any more appealing now that I am a woman of refined tastes? (Joke! Still gross.)

    • Pipe Cleaners

      Colorful drug paraphernalia! The stuff elementary school dreams are made of.

    • Geometers

      These aren't that 90s except for the fact that I doubt kids are using them today.

    • Pencil Toppers

      I actually think I had a Troll pencil topper, which is kind of horrifying. And then I know I bought a feather one at Claire's after Clueless happened. So yeah. Coolness abounds.

    • Scientific Calculator Covers

      File under "Late 90s" and also "Total Geekdom."

    • Tamagotchis

      We're moving into social capital here, but I'm fairly certain that some HomeEc class somewhere used Tamagotchi instead of those crying babies.

    • Lunchables

      Food of the gods. (Also social capital, especially if you were packing the pizza variety.)

    • Capri Sun

      Nectar of the gods.

    • Slap Bracelets

      More social capital (for making friends.)

    • Disney Adventures subscription

      For lunchtime conversation.

    • Pogs

      For social dominance.

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