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    Celebrity Stoners

    In honor of 4-20, here's a collection of Hollywood's highest celebrities to inform and inspire you. Happy Pot Day!

    • 1. James Franco and Seth Rogen

      There's a reason that James Franco is squinting in almost every picture you see (and I see many). Seth Rogen is stoned in every movie that you see, so he's on this list as a representative for Team Apatow (which is its own particular subset of stoner).

    • 2. Paris Hilton

      Paris has been downgraded enough that these photos make me kind of nostalgic, like a trip back to a sunny time in the mid-2000s when banks had money and Sidekicks were new and everyone listened to the Postal Service. I imagine Paris still smokes a lot now, though.

    • 3. Charlize Theron

      Charlize is the winner of the Craftiest Stoner prize (which is a hand-knitted pot leaf scarf tailored to fit her Oscar. I had some time.)!

    • 4. Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson

      See that little baggy sticking out from Woody's pillow? Indeed. He's also guilty by association thanks to known stoner and sad clown Owen Wilson.

    • 5. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

      The perennial "Stoned Celebrity" winners apparently only lasted as long as they did because of the weed. I feel like Jen's incisive "That was uncool" comment was also the product of a little coping mechanism.

    • 6. Snoop Dogg


    • 7. Willie Nelson (and Stash)

      See: Snoop Dog

    • 8. Kristen Stewart

      So Kristen (who is the star of Twilight, if you were unaware) gets a lot of crap for being terrible in interviews and a generally apathetic, ungrateful bitch. Really, she is just very high and has annoying MTV people yapping at her all the time. Give her a break.

    • 9. Michael Phelps

      America's Greatest Olympian and Un-Savviest Spokeperson, Michael is also an excellent educator when it comes to Roor bongs, which I had never heard of.

    • 10. Ron Paul

      This picture is so much happier when you see it as a pro-legalization politician enjoying the fruits of his labors.

    • 11. Lily Allen

      Who doesn't want to get stoned with Lily Allen and dress up in furry costumes ? Am I right?