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    Armie Hammer

    Let's talk about the guy who played the Winklevi in The Social Network. If only there were two of him.

    Armie, who played both twins with the help of CGI and a body-double, is 24. Good news: he is a real life oil-heir. Bad news: he is married.

    Some other facts include:

    He was that guy who fake-married Serena (click through for the video) in Season 2 of Gossip Girl:

    He was supposed to play Batman in the now-canceled 2007 Justice League movie.

    He appears to be friends, or at least friendly WITH, the Winklevi in real life (image via Guest of A Guest, which the one of the Winklevi founded):

    (Pictured with the Winklevi and Josh Pence, the body-double)

    He might (MAYBE POSSIBLY) get an Oscar nomination, at least according to the wise folks at NYMag:

    His voice is really like that:

    He has the best line in the whole movie (if you are a woman who uses Tumblr):