Amanda’s Favorite Buzz Of 2009

It is not all cute boys and singing babies, ok? That’s only like 90%.

  • 1. the Drunk Ewoks

    I'd like to take this moment to apologize to all my co-workers for my behavior on October 30, 2009. I just really, really liked this video. I'm sorry.

  • 2. the Star Trek Boys Photo Orgy

    Hey, look what we did, Internet! Way to gooo ladies.

  • 3. the Greatest English Paper of All Time

    +infinity for the "gothcakes."

  • 4. PS 22 Sings Lady Gaga

    Ooops, ok, kids singing. Sorry, couldn't help it.

  • 5. High School Jon Hamm

    I am still undone by this photo.

  • 6. the Phoenix Brat Pack Mashup IRL

    You may know I'm somewhat obsessed with Phoenix/Thomas Mars. Fun fact: I also enjoy dance parties and large roof spaces.

  • 7. the Costume Shop Cyberstalker Interview

    I'm noticing a "crazy people in costumes on Human Interest news segments" theme here. Know yourself 2K9.

  • 8. the Gyoza Cat

    Nothing enhances a cat video like a side of dumplings. Really brings out the subtler flavors.

  • 9. Sophie Can Walk

    This was technically 2008, but I only learned about it this year.

  • 10. the Hip Hop Toddler

    My favorite kid of '09. I don't know what to tell you, he's a star.

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