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Abbie Boudreau & The 'Punking CNN' Caper

Abbie Boudreau is a pretty CNN correspondent who's been making a documentary about the Crazy Right. Conservative "activist" James O'Keefe (of ACORN and general asshat fame) attempted to seduce her and secretly film the encounter, in the hopes of discrediting her and CNN. He was foiled!

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Here is Abbie's explanation of the "punk" (the full blog is here) :

For months, I had been working on a documentary about the young conservative movement. James had called me about concerns he had regarding an upcoming shoot. He asked me to meet him to talk about the shoot. I agreed to fly to Maryland and then drive to his "office" for a face-to-face conversation with him.

When I showed up, there was no office, as promised. Instead, he wanted to get me on a boat, which we later learned, was staged as a "pleasure palace." One of his colleagues, Izzy Santa, who was in Maryland that day, told me about the plan and stopped the punk before it happened.

Izzy told me he had "strawberries and champagne" waiting for me on the boat, and that he planned to "hit on me" the entire time. She said it would all be captured on hidden cameras that had been set up on the boat and in the back yard. She said the sole purpose of the "punk" was to embarrass me, and to make CNN look bad.

CNN also obtained a 13-page document outlining the plan. Here is the prop page! It requires dildo, fuzzy handcuffs, and Alicia Keys!

The whole thing is worth a read!

To learn everything you could possibly want to know about James O'Keefe, you should go here. The TPM folks are very up in his business.

Meanwhile, snaps to CNN for actually publishing all this information.

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