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8 Saddest Aging Heartthrobs

I was watching Better Off Dead the other night and was reminded just how dreamy John Cusack used to be. The thing about men aging is that most do it pretty well (unlike women), but some hunks turn into totally different people and break your heart all over again. Since I obviously spent some time on Nostalgia Lane after John, here's my list of the saddest old men out there.

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  • 1. John Cusack

    Relatively speaking, John is still a good-looking man, but Lloyd Dobler is kind of my paradigm of dreaminess. Man.

  • 2. Paul McCartney

    I know it's hip to say you were a John girl--the tortured artist, rebel, etc--but let's be real: from the moment I learned of the Beatles, my heart belonged to Paul. Look at that face, and look at what happened to it. Time is cruel.

  • 3. Luke Perry

    I saw Luke Perry filming an episode of Law and Order: SVU in New York a few months ago. Tough freaking times all around.

  • 4. James Spader

    That's just not the same person. IT'S NOT.

  • 5. Tom Cruise

    Put aside the crazy, the Scientology, the Rob Thomas rumors, and watch Risky Business like a Tom Cruise virgin. You will love him. You can't not.

  • 6. Andrew McCarthy

    I know the Brat Pack did a lot of hard living in the 80s, but man.

  • 7. Jared Leto

    Frankly, this is just mean. Not that I expected anything other than abuse from Jordan Catalano, but come on.

  • 8. Leonardo DiCaprio

    I honestly don't think I will ever get over this. Leo taught me what it was to love through that fishtank. I'll never let go, Jack.