• 1. John Cusack

    Relatively speaking, John is still a good-looking man, but Lloyd Dobler is kind of my paradigm of dreaminess. Man.

  • 2. Paul McCartney

    I know it’s hip to say you were a John girl—the tortured artist, rebel, etc—but let’s be real: from the moment I learned of the Beatles, my heart belonged to Paul. Look at that face, and look at what happened to it. Time is cruel.

  • 3. Luke Perry

    I saw Luke Perry filming an episode of Law and Order: SVU in New York a few months ago. Tough freaking times all around.

  • 4. James Spader

    That’s just not the same person. IT’S NOT.

  • 5. Tom Cruise

    Put aside the crazy, the Scientology, the Rob Thomas rumors, and watch Risky Business like a Tom Cruise virgin. You will love him. You can’t not.

  • 6. Andrew McCarthy

    I know the Brat Pack did a lot of hard living in the 80s, but man.

  • 7. Jared Leto

    Frankly, this is just mean. Not that I expected anything other than abuse from Jordan Catalano, but come on.

  • 8. Leonardo DiCaprio

    I honestly don’t think I will ever get over this. Leo taught me what it was to love through that fishtank. I’ll never let go, Jack.