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8 Coolest Moments of Obama's 100 Days

Happy 100 Days Day! There will be a lot of fancy pundity people talking about Guantanamo and TARP, so here is a list of just the cool stuff.

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  • 1. That Time He Read Where The Wild Things Are

    This is the internet's favorite children's book, read by the internet's favorite president! You can tell how important it is by his voice.

  • 2. That Time He Yelled At Ed Henry

    This video still pleases, partly because I have always wanted to yell at a cable news person like that, and partly because we now know what it would feel like to have Barack Obama as your dad.

  • 3. Baracketology

    Everyone loves a cool, basketball-savvy president. Also let's just note that he was right.

  • 4. That Time He Went To The Wizards Game

    See: Baracketology, add in a helping of cute kids.

  • 5. the Special Olympics Joke

    Because we have all made inappropriate foot-in-the-mouth SpEd comments. Or at least I have (repeatedly, in the past week, I'm working on it, sorry.)

  • 6. the Tim Geithner Appointment

    This is MY LIST so I get to talk about my enduring love for Tim Geithner, which I have, and which I will cherish no matter how many hissy fits Paul Krugman throws.

  • 7. That Time They Got A Puppy

    Your president keeps his promises, America.

  • 8. That Time He Gave Michelle His Coat



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