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People Have Been Taking Selfies With Quokkas And It's Amazing

The happiest animal on the planet!

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This is a quokka...aka the HAPPIEST ANIMAL ON THE PLANET!!!

Mogens Johansen / WA News / Via

It is impossible for these guys to look sad.

So of course you have to take a selfie with them.

How beautiful.

Isn't this just awesome??

My sister and I met this friendly quokka at @ZoosSA #quokkaselfie #quokka ❤️💕

*plays You've Got a Friend in Me in the background*

Hanging out with the Quokka's on Rottnest island. #selfie #backpacking #Ausbackpacking #Australia #rottnestisland

Always having fun!


Quokka shocker! #quokkaselfie #australia @weloveperth @ExperiencePerth @WestAustralia

Two of them?!?! *dies*

photobomb Rottnest Stylee #Rotto #quokkaselfie


How cute!!!

I don't normally selfie but I'll make an exception for a #quokkaselfie at #rottnestisland

Goal: take a selfie with a quokka. Goal: met ✅

Extra für @RadioTrackback: #quokkaselfie ^^

These guys are just absolutely perfect!

Quokka selfie done. Life achievement unlocked.

These are the most beautiful creatures ever to roam the Earth...

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