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13 Things You'll Only Truly Understand If You're From Indiana


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1. In the great Hoosier state of Indiana, there is a hashtag that is trending hardcore, and everything in the thread is SO REAL.

This is so accurate, I can't even...
Twitter: @AnnaIsabelEngel

This is so accurate, I can't even...

2. I repeat: This. Is. So. Accurate.

3. This hashtag is getting way too real.

4. Of course it wouldn't be a series of tweets about Indiana without mentioning the Sisters of Savings.


SERIOUSLY... they're a big deal.
Twitter: @_graceharris

SERIOUSLY... they're a big deal.

6. It showcases the plethora of things to do.


Where the singers at?!
Twitter: @okokmorgs

Where the singers at?!


9. Sometimes, we can't even be satisfied with Indiana itself.


10. Don't forget about getting ~quality~ directions, and not knowing which of the thousands of corn fields in Indiana someone's talking about.


"Oh yeah! Now I know!"
Twitter: @lovechele1

"Oh yeah! Now I know!"

12. We literally sell fireworks year-round, and yes they may go off at 10am during your Sunday morning tea.

13. And, of course, SO. MUCH. CORN. 🌽

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