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Apple Released A Battery Case For The iPhone And The Response Has Not Been Positive

Maybe better chargers instead?

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In case you hadn't heard, Apple released a charging for the iPhone and the response has been hilarious.

"Apple released a battery case for the iPhone!" So a Mophie "No dude it's a case that charges your iPhone!" So a Mophie

Hang on, Jony Ive said nobody wants a thick phone to house a larger battery, and then Apple makes THIS? #hideous

The official iPhone battery case is beyond ugly. Not sure how this got approved at Apple.

Although, some people just aren't happy with any of their options.

Apple’s iPhone 6s Battery Case: iOS Integration Is Nice, but Better Options Exist. I Hate Everything.

Sadly, no matter how hideous the case is, everyone will be buying it.

No matter how ugly that battery case is, you all know you're going to buy it because apple owns all of your wallets.

Here are some suggestions for Apple on products we would actually like:

1. Better chargers

can apple make better chargers like holy!!!! this is my 4th charger and it broke, again💀

Apple is a billion dollar corporation you would think they would create better iPhone chargers.

You'd think with the amount of people that complain about apple's chargers they'd some how fix them and make them better but no

2. Three-way FaceTime

It's 2015 why isn't 3-way FaceTime a thing

When is Apple gonna come out with a 3-way FaceTime?

It's almost 2016 and we can't 3-way FaceTime? Do better.

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