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28 Reasons Why BuzzFeed's Ashly Perez Is The Best At Life

Live your best life.

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Many BuzzFeed readers (or watchers) are probably familiar with Ashly Perez. She is a producer and star for BuzzFeed Violet––an awesome series of shorts produced by an even "awesomer" team of people. Perez is the prime example of what living your best life is.

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1. She loves the best people.

2. She has an awesome fashion sense.

3. She can't even take a bad picture when she is soaking wet.

4. She has the coolest glasses and the best watch.

5. She doesn't need someone to "complete" her.

6. She has the best taste in books.

7. She is always having the most chill time.

8. She only "geeks" out over the serious stuff.

But other than that she keeps it calm, cool, and collected.

9. She can't take a bad picture.

10. Seriously, even if she were in prison, she still couldn't take a bad picture.

11. She has a shirt that combines two of the best people in the world.

12. She doesn't give a damn what people think.

13. She has the best decorations.

14. Even her bedroom is chill.

15. She's visited the best museum on the planet.

16. She likes to "twin" with her best friends.

Those BuzzFeed sweatshirts are pretty damn cool.

17. I repeat, she loves to twin with her best friends.

18. Even when she is sick, she manages to pull off an artsy pic.

19. Her Christmas attire is goals.

20. She took a picture with a 1989 Polaroid...nuff said.

21. She's literally perfect enough to carve a 1989-themed pumpkin.

22. And being badass is hereditary.

23. She treats her self when she knows she needs to.

24. Her reaction to the "GoGo squeeZ" is unmatched.

25. She drinks the official drink of the world.

It tastes like Christmas at Oprah's.

27. She's literally been on national television...she's basically Oprah.

28. But most of all, she has one of the best friend groups possible.

Now go out there and live your best life. And one more thing, Treat Yo Self.

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