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Reasons to Fire Jenna Bush Hager from the Today Show...

Mornings are soo much more annoying when little miss "nepotism" herself, Jenna Bush Hager is hosting a segment on the Today show. Here are reasons she should be booted from the Today Show and make mornings on tv soo much more bearable....

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  • 1. JENNA Bush is a “tasty dumbass treat” — according to comedienne Chelsea Handler.

    The infamous video of Chelsea Handler ripping Jenna Bush video link

  • 2. Without family connections she couldn't get a gig doing the farm report on a public access show in Kansas

  • 3. Speaks in poorly constructed sentences and acts bizarrely.... on Air!

    Watch Video Below for her Yellowstone Report that made headlines for her talents.. video link

  • 4. Self Promotion for her Childrens Books

  • 5. She has no emotion and is a terrible story-teller

  • 6. It takes years for the average reporter to make it on TV!

    She just strolls in with a lack of credentials and close to no interview experience.. The official Remove Jenna Bush Facebook Page Facebook Page Link

  • 7. A chip off the ol'Block!

    Now I know this one isn't fair cause you can't choose who you parents are.. but I think we all know where her smarts came from.