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Could This Be the Actual Face of Bigfoot?

Todd Standing, a skeptic turned bigfoot researcher and explorer presented this photo of what he claims was a bigfoot watching him. Standing who claims to know a location he has nicknamed as the Sylvanic has been exploring and researching an area of the American North East which he claims has a small bigfoot population. Standing visits the area and believes that in the next few years he will be able to prove to the world the existence of these creatures. Currently he is in the process of recovering from injuries sustained during his last trip to record evidence. According to Standing he has a mountain of evidence he's slowly releasing in videos etc. He claims his main goal is to make sure that the creature will be protected and has put forth requests for the Canadian government to protect the animal. Please visit his page to learn more about his mission and view some of his videos. Wild stuff but def worth a look.

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    This video pretty much sums up his mission etc.