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10 Reasons Why “The Office” Sucks Now

It used to be everyone’s favorite show, but now people are sorely disappointed with “The Office”, especially the season seven premiere. Where did it go wrong? Via Telewatcher:

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  • 1. Jim and Pam are together

    People loved it best when Jim and Pam were dancing around each other nervously, hoping for a chance at romance. Now, they’re a happy couple with a perfect life that nobody can relate to. They have hardly fought and simply make us feel bad about our own relationships Via Telewatcher:

  • 2. Nobody hates Michael anymore

    Back in the earlier seasons, people in the office were not friends with Michael. In fact, they couldn’t stand him. Inviting him out for happy hour would have been the last thing they would do. Nobody would have wanted to give him relationship advice. Since Dunder Mifflin was bought by Sabre, Michael and his employees have gotten closer, which actually ruins the previously hilarious hatred between the two. Via Telewatcher:

  • 3. It’s no longer realistic

    When Michael spanked Luke in the season premiere, it wasn’t that funny. It wasn’t funny because it wasn’t anything that would ever really happen. Michael’s comedy is based around realistic awkwardness, not slapstick humor. Over-the-top events like that are not funny and just stupid. Via Telewatcher:

  • 4. Erin is too upbeat

    The new receptionist is always in a good mood, which destroys the previously morbid and pessimistic vibe of The Office. She is unrealistically silly, and her happiness makes the show less funny. Via Telewatcher:

  • 5. Jim seems to enjoy his job

    Now that Jim has a family, he is no longer apathetic and lazy about his job, which was part of what made his character funny. However, if he were to act that way, you wouldn’t like him because he would be immature and careless about his child. Hence why having the baby was a bad idea. Via Telewatcher:

  • 6. Not enough Stanley or Phyllis

    Stanley and Phyllis’s characters haven’t changed, which means they’re still funny. But unfortunately they’re hardly ever used. Instead, Dwight and Andy are overused and in a way their characters “sold out”. Via Telewatcher:

  • 7. Ryan is no longer “the temp”

    When Ryan was the careless and perpetually grumpy temp, he was funny. Now, he’s upbeat and hipstery. It’s a total 180 for his character and frankly it’s a bit disturbing, even though it makes sense within the plot of the show. Via Telewatcher:

  • 8. The episodes no longer revolve around mundane things

    - Some of the best episodes of The Office had the most boring subjects– healthcare, diversity day, conflict resolution–boring office topics. Now, Michael’s extramarital affair, printers catching on fire–it’s just too much. Keep it simple. Via Telewatcher:

  • 9. Michael Scott is no longer that offensive

    - Michael’s semi-racist comments were always his trademark, especially when he referred to himself as an “entertainer”. Now, Michael is immature, but no longer that offensive. He’s just a child now, which means you feel almost guilty making fun of him. Via Telewatcher:

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