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15 Reasons Why You Should Join The Ultimate Frisbee Team

Because you'll see them tossing...Everywhere. you. go.

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1. No prior experience expected

2. You’ll feel so legit when you first do this:

3. Weirdness is highly encouraged

4. You’ll have 30 new friends after your first practice (many of these will become life-long friends/shoulders to cry on during finals)

5. Personal space is so 2008

6. You'll get to travel to tournaments!

7. And meet/(insert verb) with hot ultimate players from other schools..

8. Everything will taste amazing post-tournament

9. You’ll get fit

10. And develop surprising grip/wrist strength

11. You’ll learn what it means when “The dump layed out to catch my scoober over the cup in a 4-man zone, broke their mark, and then hucked the disc break side to a cutter who skied their D.”

12. Our parties.

13. Impromptu dancing all the time

14. Most importantly: Your team = your family

15. And finally: Because frisbees make everything cooler

So who wants to join?

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