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    16 Moments That Will Satisfy Every Perfectionist

    We all have a little bit of perfectionism in us.

    1. When you find that perfectly snug kitchen table and chairs.

    This table and chairs from IKEA. #oddlysatisfying

    @oddlysatisfied / Via

    2. When your measuring cups stack together perfectly and the color coordination takes it over the top.

    @sirjimmyjazz / Via

    3. When you get that perfect swirl of toothpaste.

    @theoneandonlymyself / Via


    4. When your cable management game is on point.

    @ohboywhatabeer / Via

    5. When you can't eat a single Tic Tac because of the perfection.

    6. When you make your tacos just a little bit more perfect.

    @nicksimpson1996 / Via

    7. When the grocery store display understands you.

    @ajpellicciotti / Via #NHBuzzFeed

    8. When your wallpaper is executed perfectly.

    @crbsideprophet13 / Via

    9. When you discover you actually love snakes.

    10. But remember you really love cats.

    11. When you decide to hit the beach for some perfect architecture.

    @kermitthesnail / Via


    12. When the fit is unexpectedly perfect.

    @ajpellicciotti / Via #NHBuzzFeed

    13. When you find that perfect spot to set your drink.

    @toasterjoey6 / Via

    14. When your perfectionism and your vacuum are in perfect harmony.

    @eluva / Via

    15. When you had know idea the slopes could be this perfect.

    @bitchingo / Via

    16. And finally, when you get that perfect pump of gas.

    @ajpellicciotti / Via #NHBuzzFeed

    #perfectpump #onetake

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