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    10 Reasons Pewdiepie Is Awesome

    In honor of Felix Kjellberg, aka Pewdiepie, becoming the most subscribed man on Youtube, here are ten reasons why you should love the Swedish gamer.

    1. His Accent Is Awesome

    Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Pewdiepie has a heavy Swedish accent that really becomes obvious when he says "bear" like "beer." Also, he'll occasionally speak in Swedish and sometimes says "how do you say that in English?"

    2. He And His Girlfriend, Marzia, Are Adorable

    Pewds and his gf, Marzia Bisognin, have been together for a while and never fail to entertain when they appear together in a video. Just watch their BF VS. GF vid and laugh away.

    3. He Plays A Large Variety Of Games

    It seems like Pewdiepie has something for everyone, playing games that range from Amnesia to Pom Gets Wi-Fi (never heard of that game before, right?) So whether you like obscure indie horror games or hugely popular Action & Adventure games, you'll enjoy his channel.

    4. He Starts A Lot Of Youtube Gaming Trends

    Here's a fun fact: Pewdiepie was the first Youtuber to play Slender: The Eight Pages. Now, you can find videos upon videos of people playing the game. And that's not all, he's responsible for a lot of games becoming popular amongst Youtubers, such as Amnesia and Happy Wheels.

    5. He's Willing To Embarass Himself To Get A Laugh

    Dressing up in high heels, trying to do his makeup, and "twerking" for his pet dog are just some of the things Pewds has done to humor his fans. The main source for these types of clips is his series "Fridays With Pewdiepie," where he takes suggestions for funny clips from his Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

    6. He Makes Hilarious Faces

    If you watch any videos of Pewds playing horror games or rage games, you will laugh out loud because of the faces he makes. Whether he's frustrated or terrified, Pewdiepie always has great expressions.

    7. He Invented The Brofist

    If there's one thing Pewdiepie is known for, it's his trademark brofist. Shown below, he gives his "bros" (what he calls his subscribers) the brofist at the end of every video while saying "stay awesome bros, bye!"

    8. He Makes Up Funny Characters In The Games He Plays

    Pewdiepie has a knack for making funny characters out of inanimate objects in video games. Some of his most famous characters are his companion, Stephano, a gold figurine from Amnesia, Mr. Piggeh, a dead pig from Amnesia who loves to say "yeeh, I'm pumped," and his sworn enemy, The Barrels, which originated in Amnesia but also appear in other games from time to time.

    9. He's Good At Editing His Videos

    Putting epic outros in his videos, Pewdiepie knows how to edit a vid well. He often puts perfectly timed subtitles in some of his clip compilations (below) and also uses subtitles to make fun of himself. And that's not all, he also trims the clips well and occasionally adds a cool special effect.

    10. He Posts Videos Daily

    Rarely taking a break from Youtube, Pewds constantly supplies the bros with new content, sometimes posting multiple videos in one day. His channel now has thousands of videos, so it's hard to run out of Pewdiepie material to watch.

    So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Pewdiepie's channel, watch some videos, and have a great time! Also, congrats to you, Pewds, the most subscribed man on all of Youtube!